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Mokoro excursion,Okavango Delta

Mokoro Excursions

A mokoro trip is an exciting, modern-day adventure, extremely popular with tourists who visit the Okavango Delta.

Viewing parades of elephant, buffalo and crocs sharing the water's edge is a truly magical and memorable experience.


Nature Walks

Is there a more unique and authentic way to experience the bush than on the traditional wild trails? We think not!

Our nature walks are an adventurous and a rather thrilling experience not to be missed out on. With our heritage knowledge filled guides to keep you company.

Tourists are always offered with an opportunity to walk around to experience wilderness and wildlife, accompanied by fully qualified safari guide.

Walking safari in the bush
Watching lion on game drive

Mobile Safaris

Our game drives are designed to take you close to the wildlife rich spots of the protected areas. This gives you an opportunity to view wild animals in their natural habitat as they go about their daily activities.

Game drives are done during the day or night time, and the best times are early in the morning and late afternoons, when it is much cooler. Night game drives are however not allowed in the game reserve and national parks of Botswana but only offered in concession areas.

Boat Cruises

The Okavango Delta and Chobe River supports a wide range and concentration of wildlife that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Take a boating safari and experience nature at its best interaction – the river, the animals and the sunset!

Here you’ll get up close and personal with hippo, crocodile and a mind-boggling array of water birds. You can see massive herds of Elephant and Buffalo as they converge along the waterfront.

Boat cruise in Okavango Delta
San ceremonial dance

Local Cultural Tours

The Bayei are a Bantu-speaking tribe who immigrated to Ngamiland in the 18th century. Spend a day discovering the culture and traditions of the Bayei tribe and witness traditional doctors demonstrating how different flora can cure a range of diseases.

Guests will also enjoy an insight into the initiation school where traditional dancing provides entertainment which documents two life stages: reaching puberty and the subsequent entry into adolescence; and joining society as an adult.

Finally, a short excursion outside the compound will show guests the different hunting methods which were used in the past and the traditional mortars made on inactive termites mounds.

Scenic Flights

Enjoy scenic flights over the Okavango Delta that makes up the greatest experience in Botswana.

Focus down onto the wildlife and surrounding natures that will forever change your perception of this timeless land while you enjoy the scenic flights over the Delta getting the overall perspective of the area. when weather conditions are calmer.