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What is a Mokoro

A type of canoe commonly used in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. It is propelled through the shallow waters of the delta by standing in the stern and pushing with a pole, the same manner as punting. Mokoros are traditionally made by digging out the trunk of a large straight tree, such as ebony tree. Due to the shortage of some hard woods, modern mekoros are increasingly made of fibre-glass.

A mokoro trip is an exciting, modern-day adventure, extremely popular with tourists who visit the Okavango Delta. Viewing parades of elephant, buffalo and crocs sharing the water's edge is a truly magical and memorable experience. The photographic opportunities are immeasurable by this ancient, but still practical means of transport.

Mekoros can be paddled across deep lakes and rivers as well as the scenic papyrus and reed filled channels and waterways of the Okavango Delta. They are used for transport, fishing and hunting and in days gone by for hunting hippo.

The mokoro traditionally carries two people, one of which sits at the stern and steers the direction of the boat, while the other stands well toward the front propelling it forward in a pushing motion with a long pole called a ngashi. Local boatmen are able to move with considerable speed and maneuverability as many have perfected this lifelong skill. Skilled locals who travel by mokoro are commonly known as ‘polers’.

Mokoro ferrying passengers and luggage
Mokoro excursion,Okavango Delta

The Okavango delta waters are a focal point for wildlife and plant life together with a vast variety of bird life.

The mokoro excursions we offer take one to the heart of the ever so serene delta and along the calm shore line. There is of course never a dull moment with our delta tour guides who are filled with a sense of fun and adventure. Some describe a mokoro trip as one of the most peaceful experiences they have had.

Imagine gliding through water that mirrors the sky above, brushing past reeds which are home to tiny brightly colored frogs, and approaching an Elephant - ear deep in the water and happily munching reeds. Imagine witnessing an amazing variety of birdlife, or catching a glimpse of Lechwe or a rare Sitatunga feeding by the water.